Celebrating 50th. Birthday at our REUNION



The day we all have been waiting for since last year finally arrives. 1st of JULY, 2017 marked an important event that touched each and everyone that was present. The spectacular decorations at Royal Selangor Club, Bukit Kiara made the event even grander. About 70 La Sallians were present to celebrate this joyous celebration that included 9 awesome teachers

The event started with 2 bells, the first, all La Sallians to freeze, i.e not to move a muscle and stand still. The second to take our seats at the ballroom. This was to replicate what happens every day when we were at La Salle Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

With the sound of bagpipes and drums, our beloved teachers walked into the ballroom with an impromptu standing ovation from all La Sallians. The joy of seeing our awesome teachers after more than 35 years was a feeling that cannot be described in words.

Our Master of Ceremony was our Head Prefect and I must say he was outstanding in getting things in order, as we were all way too excited to be controlled. Speeches by Sukesh our Head Prefect, Mr. L.A Fernandez and Mr. Ananda Krishnan provide loads of jokes and reminiscences of good old times during our school days.

The hugs continued as it began before the event and during the event, this time it included hugs with teachers and photo taking continue all throughout the night.

Two videos was shown, the first to show photos of school days till present meetups. The second video showcases prerecorded video messages from La Sallians abroad that were unable to make it for the celebration.

The teachers enjoyed the event just as we the “Old Boys” did. Here are some of the teachers’ comments.

” I am trembling with emotion of gratitude and overwhelmed by the experience of respect and appreciation received, and wishing you a very happy Birthday and the very best of life.” Mrs. Bala

“Thank you very much for arranging transportation for Mrs Diana Yeoh & myself. Your love & concern is very touching. Our best wishes to you & all your ex-schoolmates. 🙏❤❤❤” Mrs. kT Tan

“On behalf of the teachers, I say Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, to the committee and all the students of 1982. It is a job well done. Magnificent and it touches our hearts. So good to see all of you doing well in your own field, keep it up and keep in touch. Cheers” Mr. Kua

Before leaving the event .. Mr. Kua made a passing comment – “best gathering he’s seen”..

Now, some La Sallians are even talking about the 55 or/and 60 REUNION. Onwards to VICTORY Boys!

As the celebration continued, a birthday cake was rolled in. Teachers and La Sallians came up to cut the delicious cake and more photos were taken.



Check out the revamped JobsMalaysia – Another milestone by MIMOS!

After thorough research; incorporating feedback from our stakeholders and insights from market and industry, the JobsMalaysia portal with a new makeover has been launched on 12 July 2018 at 12:01 am!

This marks another significant milestone for MIMOS in providing a solution to address the national issue of optimising human resources. The face-lifted portal now offers richer and impactful content, improved look-and-feel, and easier navigation.

The improved system scalability now can handle up to 40,000 concurrent users’ login session. Users can also expect better efficiency and hiring accuracy with the portal’s improved availability and enhanced job-matching engine. Overall, the system’s fully-automated process promises a more productive and intuitive user experience.

MIMOS has adopted several technology platforms to realise this project which include Mi-ARMC, Mi-CLOUD, Mi-TRUST, Mi-UAP, Mi-AccelMorphe, MI-Morphe, Mi-Galactica, Mi-CLIP, Mi-IDS, Mi-BIS, Mi-MPAS, Mi-Helio, Mi-DSS, Command Centre and UX.

The enhanced JobsMalaysia portal is a reflection of our tireless journey towards bringing life-changing innovation to the life of Malaysians and the world. We are confident that jobseekers and potential employers will find the enhanced JobsMalaysia very informative, interactive and especially convenient in identifying the right employment match in this digital age.

Jobseekers and employers can visit the portal at https://www.jobsmalaysia.gov.my/jobsmy/home.

Corporate Communication, MIMOS Berhad

My Life, My Path …”Prospek Kerjaya”


Ever wondered what your school going kids are destined to be? You are not the only one who has this dilemma. All parents want the best for their kids. It could be a daunting task, trying to figure out what is the best future job for your kids. Most parents would go the easy way, as to encourage their kids to follow their footsteps. If the parents are doctors, then they would want their kids to be doctors as well.

This would be easy if the kids have good grades and are doing well in school. It would be even better if the kids aspire to be doctors as well. However, in this day and age, kids would rather determine their own way forward. This would normally lead to different career choices and often times leads to disagreement between kids and parents.

Don’t despair as there is a solution, it is “Prospek Kerjaya” (PK). Career Prospect (PK) is a Digital Assessment Technology developed by MIMOS Berhad with the expert input from The Malaysian Examinations Council (MPM). Its design is based on well-established theories of career interests. The assessment is based on a database with profiles of over 500 “job families”, or groups of related jobs and study fields.

This psychometric assessment is targeted at students as early as 15 years old. The assessment also advises the field of studies that is suitable, based on their interests, and the relevant courses that are available at the respective academic institutions in Malaysia and overseas. It also identifies the career path that would be most suited for them.

Test takers will receive a Full Report immediately after the test is taken. With this, parents and kids would have a good idea moving forward on education and/or career choices.

So, what are you waiting for, give it a try at https://matsb.my/testTaker/landing.preLogin


Amazing Thailand – Bangkok edition

It was a short trip just 4 days. When we arrived it took me some time to make calls, as I was not sure how to make a local call. Well, I don’t travel that much, so sue me! Hahahahaa

Getting out of the airport was pretty easy and the taxi driver tried his level best to have a jovial conversation. It was all good… until he dropped us at the hotel. Well, he dropped us at the wrong hotel! Our hotel was a good two kilometers away. Apparently, both the hotel has identical names. Both hotels in Pratunam, which is pretty quiet area by Bangkok standards. But, this time the hotel location area was just what we wanted.

Getting to the hotel, l realised that I may have made a mistake in my booking. We didn’t get what we intended but since we couldn’t cancel we decided to make the best of it. Being a first timer for B & B lodging is hmmmm… is highly educational.

Our first trip was to Pratunam Night Market. I found that most vendors did not want to negotiate the price, contrary to what is posted on the internet. There were vendors that seem uninterested to sell as they kept playing with their handphones. Maybe, it is my face, who knows. 🙂

The nearby, Talad Neon Night Market was more accommodating to a tourist like me. We had a great meal with reasonable price there. They even had live entertainment and street performers too. Although not as big as Pratunam Night Market, I certainly preferred to do my shopping here.

For shopaholics, another option would be to head do Indra Complex. In and around the complex, there are many options. Try it out! You will not regret.

One of the highlights of my trip this time was Maeklong Railway Market. Here the train passes a market. You could see the traders pull back their tents and some of the products they have on display. This is truly an awesome sight. Tourist can get up close and personal with the train. See the pictures and see how close the train passes by. The market goods are also cheaper than other markets nearby.

This trip would surely be coupled with Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. If this is your first time, boy .. you will surely love this place. It is basically a canal that is flanked by traders. The traders sell from souvenirs to clothes and even have a snake show. You could get off the boat and walk along or even row your own boat in this place. I must warn you that it can get crowded and skills are needed to avoid knocking into other boats in this place.

To me, what was most appealing is that the people here were very humble, friendly and charming. You could come and bargain and get a good price for anything.  But, truthfully, I had a learning experience. The people here were not some greedy traders trying to rip you off, they were just everyday people who work .. work hard for a living. I realised that although they are accommodating and would offer lower prices, but I didn’t want to make some crazy bargain, as you could see their honesty and gratitude in making a sale. There was no need “overdo” the bargain. People are awesome.

There are more stories, but let me save it for another day.

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Breakthrough in Graphene

IMG_6730 copy.jpg

Breakthrough in Graphene on Silicon Technology to Advance Power Semiconductor Devices

Researchers from Malaysia’s National R&D agency, MIMOS, have discovered that direct deposition of graphene layers as a heat spreader on silicon substrate could reduce the junction temperature in Schottky rectifier device hence improving safe operating area (SOA) of the power device. The development of graphene heat spreader in power semiconductor devices could improve its performance and create more efficient power supplies for a range of applications. A prototype of graphene-on-silicon Schottky diode developed by MIMOS showed the leakage current improved by two-orders of magnitude when tested under high operating temperature (>80°C) with comparison to the conventional metal silicide (Titanium Silicide and Cobalt Silicide). With this success, MIMOS extends its graphene study by developing graphene-on-silicon process technology platform for fabrication of power semiconductor devices such as Schottky diodes, power metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (power MOSFETs) and insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). Power semiconductor devices that use this material as a heat spreader could lead to a highly reliable product able to withstand high temperature operating condition. In line with the plan to support the growth of nanoelectronics in E&E sectors in Malaysia, MIMOS will continue to develop the technology and industry players in this sector are welcome to collaborate with MIMOS in this area of research.

Contributed by Mohd Rofei Mat Hussin, Staff Engineer

MIT – Enhancing Malaysian Police

In today’s workforce, conventional personnel selection processes such as interviews are no longer sufficient. Employers can attain greater success by adopting psychometric methods of personnel selection that are job-relevant and have been shown to gauge a candidate’s personality accurately.

The Malaysian Integrity Test (MIT) for Public Safety is an integrity assessment administered through the MIMOS Profiling Assessment System (MPAS).  It is a scientific way of evaluating job candidates or current employees in the public safety sector. The MIT measures the extent to which test takers are guided by moral principles and values, and the likelihood that they will exhibit problematic behaviour at work.

An employee with integrity is likely to meet or exceed employers’ expectations and will abstain from counterproductive work behaviours such as fraud, dishonesty, theft and harassment. When used correctly, integrity tests can help organisations make wiser decisions about hiring, promotion and training. Greater benefits accrue if the tests are repeated at regular intervals to monitor employee progress and integrity development.

Last year, the MIT was administered by the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) to more than 20,000 applicants for law enforcement positions. The results were used by the RMP to assess the trustworthiness of the applicants.

This year, MIMOS is introducing design and content enhancements to the MIT series. Improvements to MPAS’ look and feel, including new graphics, allow the results of the test to be presented more clearly and attractively. The layout of test reports has also been improved for better usability. Versions of the MIT are now available not only for Royal Malaysia Police personnel but also for the public security industry in general.  The test can be used for business organisations and the financial sector as well.

The addition of talent management tools to MPAS makes it more useful than ever to employers and other stakeholders who want a system for organising and interpreting information about individuals who have taken the MIT.

The psychometrics laboratory at MIMOS has been Malaysia’s leading research centre in the field of digital assessment technologies.  The lab rigorously carries out independent cutting-edge research in psychometrics, and also collaborates with both Malaysian and international researchers. Among its major research areas are applications of Computerised Adaptive Testing (CAT) and an Automated Essay Scoring (AES) system. If you are interested in a collaborative project, please send an e-mail to psychometrics@mimos.my to share what you have in mind.

The lab is under the leadership of Dr Haniza Yon, who is also President of the Malaysian Psychometrics Association.

Open Innovation Platform


The Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) has reiterated its commitment in facilitating the growth of a high-value added, knowledge-based economy to enhance the country’s global competitiveness ranking.

Its minister Datuk Seri Panglima Madius Tangau said the Government remained firmly committed and would continue to focus on efforts towards driving Research, Development, Commercialisation and Innovation (R, D, C & I), which were the key factors towards building and enhancing the nation’s competitiveness.

“As Malaysia moves further towards a high-value added, knowledge-based economy, innovation will continue to be a critical element of the country’s development agenda.

“During the Tenth Malaysia Plan (2011-2015), the government has strengthened the innovation ecosystem by providing an environment conducive to R&D, and by extracting value from the research institutions, industry and academia. This has resulted in the strengthening of innovation capabilities as reflected in the Global Competitiveness Index where this year Malaysia has advanced two spots to 18th place out of 140 economies, consolidating our position among the world’s top 20 most competitive economies, its highest ranking since 2005,” he said when opening the MyTech Forum 2015 in Kuala Lumpur on October 13.

“To further improve our global rankings, MOSTI, under the Eleventh Malaysia Plan (2016-2020), will promote greater collaboration and integration across the government, industry, and academia.  Research activities will also be closely aligned with industry demands, and the private sector will be active partners in the R, D, C & I process,” Madius said.

Present at the event were MOSTI Secretary-General Dato’ Sri Dr Noorul Ainur Mohd Nur, MIMOS Chief Executive Officer Datuk Abdul Wahab Abdullah as well as scores of representatives from the ICT industry.

Madius said that MOSTI welcomed the involvement of industry in providing market solutions through Open Innovation Platform, as it would enable them to enter market at a greater speed.

The minister said that innovation should be understood to include the entire value chain: from R&D to engineering, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales. It is also about creating new economic value through collaboration and networking, he said.

Madius said that MIMOS, together with its technology recipients had commercialised high-impact local technologies valued at more than RM400 million last year.  In addition, cumulatively, more than RM1 billion worth of market opportunities in terms of technology spin-offs have been created by MIMOS technologies for its partners, he said.

Meanwhile, Abdul Wahab said that the agency welcomed the industry, in particular SMEs, to continue to tap into its Open Innovation Platform and resource strengths. He said:  “Through our Open Innovation Platform and strategic collaborations, we hope to transform our Technology Recipients from vendors to industry partners with key multinational companies in taking Malaysian technologies to the global market and contributing to the economic growth.”


3 Things I learned in Japan

So tell me ..what do you think?


Busiest Crossings Busiest Crossings

Recently I was blessed to have the opportunity to visit Japan. It was a trip that I had always dreamed of. It took me almost a year of planning and rigorous testing of possible routes to make the trip happen. I was amazed that Japanese had an awesome work culture. This is what I would like to share today.

  1. Hardworking and passionate.  I saw a guy scrubbing the floor of his office area, very early in the morning. The amount of energy and the determination really amazed me. In another instance, when I walked into a restaurant, I was greeted by the staff on duty. No matter how busy there were or no matter which part of the restaurant they were, they took the time to greet patrons coming into the restaurant or leaving the restaurant.
  2. Efficiency at its best. The Japanese work force was very efficient…

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Ready to pay for the air that you breathe?

Sounds ridiculous?  I think so too until I had a very interesting conversation with a teenager. How can someone charge or make money off this common God-given gift? But when you really look at what is happening around us, it doesn’t seem that ridiculous.

Today, when I was driving home an interesting conversation came up. The boy sensed that I was tense with almost no jokes during our journey decided to ask me a few questions. Why was I tensed on a Friday?Hmmm that that is a story by itself, let me save that for another day.

Green .. loads of it
Green .. loads of it

It started out innocently, ” Today is a very HOT evening”. We discuss the present pursuit of man to cut down everything and  build loads of building. Shopping Malls, Condominiums, and Shophouses. Trees that have been around being cut down indiscriminately and there are almost no replacements. This in return makes the weather hot and no shades whatsoever for living beings and things as well.

In the place that I live, I have witness rapid development and no one shows any mercy to trees or wild animals. Loads of time you can see animals being run over or caught and eaten. Ok, eating animal is not a bad thing but it is sad to see animals losing their shelter and food source

All these eventually contribute to a very HOT evening. So the young boy was probably wondering why  I am talking about this, so I had to explain further.

As the weather get hotter due to exponential decrease in vegetation, man would need to survive this weather. What would a man do? He is the most clever being of all living things, so he comes up with solution or solutions. The probable place he could hide from this heat is underground

Yes, I said it – underground, not lying six feet under but literally living beneath the surface.  Now, Imagine if you are living maybe 10 feet below. It will surely be cool and one can stay there for a long time if the need arises. But, there are problems Sir, said the boy. Okay, looks like the boy is attentive and my smart alec attitude is going to get a “smack down”. How will you breathe down there Sir? Good question, now to cook up an answer.

Okay, where do we get oxygen? From Plants, but there will no plants down there. We don’t have sunlight, so the plants would die. said the boy. That is true. But, we have technology I said. We have technology that can do that, I exclaimed. We have Fluorescent lights, that can make plants grow. Of course with present technology using sensors and getting the right amount of water would be a great help

But, would that produce enough oxygen for all those living beneath the surface? The boy asked further. Oxygen, well that is not a problem. We have managed to produce that long time ago. We have sent people to space and the oxygen is more than sufficient. In fact, divers have been using oxygen tanks for so many years.

But, this started me thinking. When the heat is unbearable and we have to live beneath the surface, surely we need to pay for the oxygen that we breathe. There must be people now building a case for supplying oxygen to the masses. With the advent of Internet of Things, surely we will be able to sense how much oxygen we need per community. So, what is Internet of Things? To make it simple, this is when things provide information to each other without any intervention from human,

So, what about water? Sooner or later, we are bound to pollute our water sources. Okay, let’s save that for another day, finally reached home.

3 Things I learned in Japan

Busiest Crossings
Busiest Crossings

Recently I was blessed to have the opportunity to visit Japan. It was a trip that I had always dreamed of. It took me almost a year of planning and rigorous testing of possible routes to make the trip happen. I was amazed that Japanese had an awesome work culture. This is what I would like to share today.

  1. Hardworking and passionate.  I saw a guy scrubbing the floor of his office area, very early in the morning. The amount of energy and the determination really amazed me. In another instance, when I walked into a restaurant, I was greeted by the staff on duty. No matter how busy there were or no matter which part of the restaurant they were, they took the time to greet patrons coming into the restaurant or leaving the restaurant.
  2. Efficiency at its best. The Japanese work force was very efficient. The way they went about doing their work was very smooth and timely. If you board one of their trains, you will immediately notice that accurate timing is everything. The train is always on time.
  3. Take what you need only. I notice that all of the business, especially the food outlet charge almost the same amount. No matter if it is by a roadside or a restaurant in a shopping center or even in a theme park. I found the business people did not “cut -throat” on prices. You can accept the same, well almost the same price anywhere. Patrons of restaurants too did not have an extended  stay at the restaurants as  they know that other people need to have their meal too. The turnover at the restaurant was fast and generated more income for shop owners.

It was a great trip and learning about the Japanese made it really awesome. The places I visited provided me a wealth of information on Japan and her lovely people. People were very helpful and courteous and one should visit Japan at least once in their lifetime.

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